​​​​​​​​​Susan Handwerker

I am a Brooklyn artist, born and bred. My art background and education has been diverse, beginning with private painting classes as a teenager. I hold degrees in ceramics, interdisciplinary studies and cultural education from Emily Carr University in Canada and Empire State College In New York.

 I have never been a purist about artistic disciplines or materials and because of that possess an expanded vocabulary of formal and technical skills to help express my eclectic ideas. Working with clay, I have introduced various other materials (fiberglass, paper, straw, glue) into it while also putting it to work as a support for various surface treatments. 
Experiences I have had while living in Canada as well as other travels have influenced both my process and my imagery in ways I continue to discover.

When I returned to New York , while maintaining my own practice, I taught art in New York City public schools, which has also had it's influence on my artwork.    I currently mentor and lead professional development workshops for art teachers, and have become involved in curatorial work.

Whatever else I do, making art is always primary.

A detailed ​resume and list of exhibitions is available upon request