​​​​​​Susan Handwerker

I was born in Brooklyn, New York back when it was less supportive to artists.  I took some of my education in New York at Parsons School of Design and NYU and then left to complete it in Canada.  I attended several programs in Toronto and finished at Emily Carr University in Vancouver.

My art education began with fashion design, continued with painting, drawing and printmaking, and doubled back into three dimensions using ceramics, wood and mixed media.

Clearly, I have never been a purist about artistic disciplines or materials. Beginning with my education I felt the need to explore a variety of visual media. This has served me well in that I possess an expanded “vocabulary” of formal and technical skills to help express my ideas, which are equally eclectic. When I began to take ceramics seriously, I almost immediately began to experiment with mixing other materials (fiberglass, paper, straw) into it and using it as a support for various surface treatments. All of that has continued to inform my art making.

When I returned to New York I branched out into art education while maintaining my own practice.    I currently mentor and lead professional development workshops for art teachers, and have become involved in curatorial work.

Whatever I do, it's always about the art.